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How to Start:

Look Around

Check out the websites of others, to see what you like, and to get ideas
for your own website. Read up on What makes a Good Website, and Why.

Choose you Domain Name

What kind of a name would you like for your website? What makes a good Domain Name?

Do you want your own private domain name? Ours is www.westpage.com.
Yours could be www.yourname.com

We can research available names for you at any time. Just call and we'll look them up online for you while we talk.

Should you already have one, we will get it transferred for you (if possible), or show you how to do so yourself.

Gather Your Material
(Suggestion: print out this list and just walk around your office with a big manila envelope, throwing in whatever looks interesting...we'll send it back as soon as we're done)   

Want to know What we'll ask you?   See our questionnaire

1. Collect materials that would be useful in designing the site: Photos,
    brochures, letterhead, copies of ads, 
2. Up-to-date info on addresses, phone numbers, major brand names, services, products, hours, credit cards, financing, email address, etc.
3. How long have you been in business? 
4. Number the products and services in order of importance to you. 
5. Do you know the website addresses of your suppliers? Much useful info, accurate descriptions and excellent photos can be acquired directly from your suppliers website.
6. Do you have a current email address?
7. References or links. 
     -Any suppliers with websites you'd like to link to?
     -Any references? Photos of work, quotes, phone numbers, contact name...
8. Any articles, fliers or useful info about your line of work that would be informative to those of us who have no knowledge of your area of expertise.
9. Any websites you've run across that you really like?
10.What is it about them that you like?

How Much Do You Want to be Involved?

Do you want to participate in the design, pick the pages, and write text, or
would you rather have us create a site for you, and just have you review the content and tweak it a bit?

What can you afford?

If it doesn't fit in your budget, don't do it.  A minimal Web presence may 
be all you need. Find a happy medium, and we'll go from there.  You can always add more later, as you need it.  Most businesses begin with the basic starter site, and then add on as they learn what the site can do for them. 

Choose the pages you want.
Most businesses find a need for:
*Home Page- Tells a bit about your company and what you do and have to offer. It should attract attention to your strongest points, and lead customers on to the next pages.
*Products Page- Goes into more detail on brands, types of products and services.  This is a good place for photos of your work, or before and after photos.  If you are a professional (eg attorney, doctor) this page is usually used for your  Background, qualifications, explanation of your specialties., etc.
*Services Page- Describes services, qualifications, or perhaps references.
*Location- Maps, directions, hours, credit cards accepted, financing available, etc.
*Info Request Form-An online form customers can fill out to request more info on specific products or services. Results of the request go to your email box. You also develop a list of prospective clients, and you know their needs. Excellent for direct mail, notification of sales, newsletters, etc.

A typical site with the above  5 pages would run $350
(one time design/programming fee and cost of domain name)
Plus $25.00 per month hosting (keeping it up on the server)
This is a good start, and gives a well-rounded site for submission to search engines.

Fill out the authorization form.
Use the Website Authorization form to submit online, or print it out and fax over

Fill in your info, include your collected artwork and brochures, and send it to us. We will take care of the rest. When we have created your site, we will send you a printed copy to edit.  You will also be able to review it online.

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