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Step 1:   Decide on your name:   Need help? click to learn about Domain Names
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Step 2: Put as many of these items in an envelope as you can find:
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Letterhead Catalogue Customer forms
Logo Brochure Employee Photos
Yellow page ad Price List Photos of products
Newspaper ads Supplier brochures Photos of location
Step 3:    Authorize us to do the work:
I, (your name), authorize WestPage Publishing to design a "starter" website for (business name).  I agree to pay the $350.00 package price for the site, as soon as it is published to the internet. I agree to review the site and provide changes and corrections as needed. I will provide material and/or information for this site in a timely fashion, within the questionnaire, and by mail, email or fax.. I agree to pay $25 per month hosting for this site for a minimum of one year, and will attempt to promote my website address in as many ways as possible. I understand that new pages, major changes, databases, shopping carts, etc., are available at an additional charge. Cancellation requests after the first year will be in writing, prior to the end of term.
     WestPage agrees to Order (or request transfer of) your domain name immediately. We’ll design a 5-page custom website, which will include 4 pages about you and your company, Plus an info request form, & custom confirmation page (counted as one page). We will submit your site to several free search engines, and offer you the opportunity later to purchase listings on the paid search engines.
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Ok, you're done.  Print this out, Sign it, and stuff in the envelope with your materials.  Mail to :  WestPage Publishing, PO Box 1186, Rochester, WA 98579.  We will call with any questions, and get your site up as soon as possible, so you can see the first draft.  (or fax to 360-273-3663) See our Questionnaire, to see the questions we will ask.Clicking the submit button is considered the same as signing this form