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What Makes a Good Website?

It gets right to the point. You can tell what it's about, and why you should read on, in the first screen.

Contact Information is all over the site. You know who you are dealing with, where they are, and how to reach them. 
It's easy and logical in its organization, and you can get to the information you seek in just a couple of clicks.
There are adequate links to move you about the site on each page, so you never get stuck on a page and have to use your back arrow to get out of it.
Pages load quickly. Internet users are spoiled, and have the attention span of a gnat.  They'll leave your site and move on if they have to wait too long. The only exception is if there is a good reason to wait, like a page with several floorplans to compare...
   They are warned ahead of time that "the page loads slowly, but it's worth it...."
The page width is narrow enough to prevent having to scroll from side to side. Most viewers find this very irritating.
Forms requiring personal or financial information are on a secure server, to protect it from prying eyes.  You can tell a page is secure by the little padlock in the lower right corner of your screen.
Text at the very top of the page will appear as the first couple of lines when you come up on a search engine. Make sure those key words are what you feel the viewer will need to know to click on a link to your site.
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