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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I order a domain name?
Just that. A Name that is yours to use for as long as you pay for the right to use it. In this case it is 1 year to start, as part of your starter site, then renewed every year thereafter.
What do I get when I order a website? If you ordered a starter site, you get
a  website designed for you, with four pages about you and your business, plus a form for viewers to request info or ask questions. You also get it published to the internet and available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Why did I get two invoices for my website? 1-One was for the Design of the website. It is a one-time charge for creating the site.
2-The second invoice is for Hosting. It covers the cost of keeping the site on a server (computer with special software) with expensive phone lines connecting your site to the internet for 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. 
So when I order all this stuff, I don't need AOL any more, right?  I just pay you?? No, sorry. This does not replace your DSL or dial-up service. You still need your AOL or MSN, or whatever service you use to get on the internet, and to send and receive email. 
You put info@mydomainname.com as my email address. How do I get that? This is a formal email address for your business. You may give it to anyone to send email to your business. It will invisibly forward to wherever you pickup your email. It's like call forwarding of email. You still pick it up at your usual email address. 
So what's the advantage of that? You don't have to give out your personal email address to the general public. Secondly, if you decide to change dial up services (like switching from AOL to MSN internet service) you don't have to notify the whole world. Just your webmaster.
I see forms on my site. How do I get the requests for information that people ask for on my site? It goes directly to your email box. The subject line will tell you it is a form request from your website.
I got billed for my site, and I still have changes. No problem. We bill as soon as you have a published site containing the basic information you provided. A website is always a work in progress. They undergo changes every time something in your business changes. Just pencil in the changes and fax over the pages. We'll fix it.
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