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Internet Basics for the Beginner

Feeling Stuck?                            
We all have to start somewhere....

        It's amazing to see the number of intelligent people who call themselves "dumb" because they've not yet experienced the internet, or are just starting out on computers.  That's like calling yourself "dumb" because you don't happen to speak the language in a foreign country you visit...
        But you should take the same time to prepare:  In the same way you looked up a few words in that foreign language to get yourself through the basics, you will need to prepare yourself to jump into the internet with a few key words.  We know you didn't cross the border without know how to ask for a gas station, a bathroom, or a restaurant.  You could at least count to ten and recognize their money, so you didn't get cheated. 
        Click the links below to look up those basics. If you know what the words mean, and a few basic rules, life will go a lot more smoothly....
Netiquette Rules:  The basics in good manners and customs on the internet
Glossary of Internet Terms:  Don't be thrown by buzz words.
Basic Search Tips:  How to find what you need on a search engine.
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